Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Road Less Traveled

We awakened this morning to Spring snow--the wet, heavy stuff that makes everything beautiful for a couple of hours, then melts away.


A Novel Woman said...

Here too! But your photos are gorgeousity, baby.

Martha Kirby said...

Pink--you are the most egregious floozy for posting such appealing photos--this said as it is almost 90 freaking degrees here with humidity to match. Just came in from my "run" (think Arte Johnson's Little Old Man on Laugh In)--went to the kitchen for a swig of VFusion (variously known around here as "go-juice" or worse, "Ensure"). Gulped down a dram, arm braced on the counter above the dishwasher. Thought, "gee, the dishwasher must be on the sanitize cycle" as waves of heat wafted up and bathed my arm. BUT NO! It was my own gnarly, sweaty self--or worse, probably my stinkin' pit. I am sweating in places a nice Southern girl oughtn't to even know about, much less notice.

Fie on your snowy Spring! The only reason the fish are jumping in the pond here is because they think they're merely swimming higher up in the waters--they're as surprised as any of us to find out it's actually the AIR.

Your grumpy, sweat-soaked stinkin' pal,