Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Deniz. Sounds like fun, so I'll play. But I'm going to be like Suze, in that if you like this game, feel free to pick up and put it on your blog.
Da rules:
a. Link to the person who tagged you.
b. Post the rules on your blog.
c. Write six random things about yourself.
d. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
e. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
f. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

1. My first language was Spanish, not English. Unfortunately I've really lost fluency over the years, but still understand it and can bumble my way through a conversation.

2. I played Puck in a Midsummer Night's Dream when I was seven years old. Memorized the whole stinkin' thing. Still remains one of my favorite Shakespearean plays.

3. Used to eat dog biscuits when I was a kid, unbeknownst to any adults. Hey, if they're good enough for my friends, they're good enough for me. Mom found out when I tried to share some with her friend's children, who were highly insulted.

4. Sometimes I am clairvoyant, but only about useless things. So I don't get lottery numbers, or help the police out with crimes, or know the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa's body. One of my kids has inherited this as well. Example: I took the then four year-old to the library. He INSISTED on the drive over that the library was closed. I insisted right back it wasn't. We got there and the library was indeed closed because the roof had caved in only hours before. CREEPY!!!

5. I met and interviewed the man who discovered the PLANET Pluto, Clyde Tombaugh. Still is a planet as far as I am concerned. He was quite old by the time I met him, and very stooped over. I was extremely nervous (was a kid in college) and he was kind, as he didn't strangle me for asking the same questions he'd been asked repeatedly.

I've tagged: the episcotarian unipaganist
Novel Woman


Nana's Quilts said...

Thank you. However, Leap year day (Feb. 29) I did this. You can read my weird and wacky facts on that day's blog. I think these are often the most interesting things to know about a person - as opposed to age, job, family, etc. But then, I've come to decide I don't always think like many others. ;-)

A Novel Woman said...

Gah!Too many rules! My brain hurts.

Can't I just put a bunch of random things in the comment box?


White chocolate makes me nauseous.

If I had to live outside of Canada, it'd be London all the way.

My grandmother used to make me memorize then recite four or five verses of poetry before she'd feed me Sunday dinner. Hello, Edna St. Vincent Millay!

My sister and I used to feed dog biscuits to our kid brother. When we weren't dressing him up in doll clothes and spinning him around on the piano stool. Also, we'd make him cry by eating gingerbread men in front of him. He'd hold it together for all the limbs, but when we got to the head, he'd lose it. Gosh, my sister was evil....

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of my spare time at the top of a tree or on the roof.

The smell that brings me back to my childhood is the smell of apple blossoms.

The Episcotarian Unipaganist said...

Well, here's the pathetic thing--I don't KNOW six random folks! So I'm copy-catting La Novelita.

Here are six random things about me:
1. I cannot stand eggs. Can. Not. Stand. Them.

2. The most perfect moment of deep communion across the time-space continuum I ever had was at Knole (in the UK). I was on a choir tour. A few of us were waiting for the bus under a tree; Laurie was playing her fiddle, her husband David was singing along, and I was propped up against the tree reading a book of poetry; the deer (and their scat) were littered across the grounds. I felt the most profound and direct connection with folks from the 1500s who almost assuredly sat in the exact same spot I was sitting, reading a book of poetry while listening to musicians alongside them. Cosmic, baybee.

3. I am addicted to Dancing with the Stars and would act the strumpet with Derek Hough in a heartbeat, even though it would make me the veriest Cougar on the planet.

4. I have considered seminary more than once.

5. The smell that brings back my childhood is Scotch (God love my parents and grandparents).

6. I went to an all-girls summer camp for two months every summer from ages 10-17.

Lottery Girl said...

Yeah, the tag game can sorta be like a horrible chain letter, so please don't sweat it if you'd rather not.

I'll hop on over to your blog and check it out.

NW: London? COOL!!! Spouse keeps saying that's the next place he wants to move. He's actually thinking about it in a year, after #2 graduates. I'm definitely up for it, as long as I can take the dogs and not do the quarantine thing.

Does your bro remember the torment? I HATE it when people don't bite off the heads first.

OMGosh! I also used to climb a tree that led up to the roof. COOL!

EU: How could I not know this about you and eggs? I remember you like bacon.

BEAUTIFUL thought in #2.

As for #3, I only learned the definition of "cougar" about two weeks ago. Apparently we dined across the street from a notorious Cougar bar in downtown Denver.

A Novel Woman said...

I don't know how much the bro remembers. He banged his head pretty hard a couple of times.(g) That and my sister used to dose him with Gravol or cough syrup to keep him docile.

You might move to London? How does your spouse feel about having two wives?

Lottery Girl said...


ROTF!!! Two wives? He'd be in heaven, like a dog with two... Well, you know what I mean. Can you imagine the trouble we'd get into? LET'S DO IT!!!

P.S. I'd bet you're twice as evil as your sis.

Amy Dupire said...

Ha, a chain letter!
That's exactly what I thought.
I'll do it differently next time, but I thought it was fun.
I posted mine.


A Novel Woman said...

I am twice as evil, but not with my little brother. I was thirteen when he was born, so I was like a second mom. My sister, however, was the former youngest (she was nine, my other sister was eleven) so she didn't like being displaced, methinks.

Will my new husband do the elf laugh for me, or is that reserved for Number One Wife?

Amy Dupire said...

Wait, wait!
I thought you were converted to Colorado! What's this about going to London?

Lottery Girl said...


Of course he'll elf laugh for ya! You can get him to do that anytime. Now if you want the newborn kitten noises, you have to... Wait, I keep forgetting this blog is not supposed to have adult content.

Anyhoo, I didn't even know you had a brother until today. I knew about your sisters, but not the brother. Cool!

Lottery Girl said...


No, we're not moving. At least not now. And I am committed to Colorado. I can definitely see me living here for the rest of my days.

HOWEVER, spouse has itchy feet. He would like to spend a few years working in Europe with London as a base. He'd like to do that soon, before he gets too old, he says. Then I'm sure we'd return to Colorado.

Throughout his career, we've been asked to move to a variety of places. We've turned down most moves. I'd rather not say where, as I do not wish to insult anyone. One move meant he'd replace someone who had to come back to the States because he'd contracted "Black Tongue." Gee, we jumped all over that one. NOT!

We need YOU to come to Colorado. And soon!

A Novel Woman said...

Newborn kitten noises?! BEVERAGE ALERT, woman! HAHAHAHA, I'm laughing so hard I can't see because I'm crying. Ah, you funny. You very funny.

It has always been a dream of mine to live in London, either part-time or for a year or so to really see every corner of the city. Although I suspect that even a full year of exploration wouldn't reveal all London has to offer. You must do it. You can come back to Colorado, but you must do it.

I realized I don't know what your hubby does. You can email me if you don't want it public.

And I don't mention my brother because I barely know him. He was five when when I moved out at eighteen.

Amy Dupire said...

I [drat, can't make this italicize] knew about the newborn kitten noises! :)

Well, yes, then, of course! Travel! Be free. (Maybe you can send me a tin of shortbreads.) Then come back to CO.

For some reason it makes me happy to think of you there when I can't be. I'm sorry, that's very selfish reasoning on my part.

Maybe someday. . . .


Lottery Girl said...

NW: Yup, I could easily spend a couple of years in London, exploring, taking little side trips on the weekends. Of course, it's all a dream right now.

Spouse is a chaos theorist. Sounds cool, huh? Okay, that's a lie. He's really an auditory neurophysiologist, trained at the Max Plank Institute in Germany. That also is a lie.

For real: He's a computer geek, who goes around telling people what sort of systems they should have. Yawn.

You know, my dad has been asking me for years what spouse does, and when I tell him, he shakes his head, and says, "I just don't understand that." TOO FUNNY!!!

Lottery Girl said...


I don't think that's selfish at all!

And it's a deal: I'll send you a tin of shortbread if I ever get to go!

Rose D. said...

Hey Stephanie!

Awesome list-- I'm still giggling about the dog biscuits. Dare I ask {cough} what they tasted like? {eg}

Wow, so your first language was Spanish (my second language, and my favorite ever!) Where did you grow up, if I may ask?

Thanks for commenting on my snippet, btw!

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Rose,

Dog biscuits (Milk Bone) are actually pretty darned tasteless, sort of like the way I imagine dry oatmeal would taste. I've interviewed two ladies who owned the new doggie bakeries that are popping up everywhere, and both say that they actually make sure and taste the stuff they make--no biggie because it's the same stuff that we might eat.

I grew up in a border town, where whites were the minority. My mom spoke Spanish, and you just couldn't help but hear it everyday. I love studying languages and wish I spoke more. My favorite language of all is Latin, though I'm not that good with it.

I love those books that are printed with one language on the left pages, and a translation on the right pages. I have the poetry of Pablo Neruda in this format, and am always delighted when I find others.

A Novel Woman said...

Isn't that funny about all of us loving other languages? After high school classes, I could speak Spanish and German, at least enough for casual conversations, and I was pretty fluent in French (enough to read whole novels, and I was accepted to a French university) but I was ticked I didn't have enough time in my schedule to study Latin, too. I'd gladly have given up Home Ec for that. (shudder at the memory) I know, I know. I might as well have had GEEK tattooed on my forehead.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear NW:

I think we like other languages simply because we like language and words and seeing new ways of expression.

I love geeks!