Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Gift From a Fairy

Only a fairy could have left something this magical and beautiful on my car this morning. I like the fact that only some of the frost is in focus. The blurry blobs in the background are the mountains.


Rhonda said...

Cool! It looks like little fairies skated all over your window. Talented little buggers.

Amy Dupire said...

Can you tell me how you get pictures on your blog? Do you have to shrink them down, etc?
I'm still mostly bewildered about photos and other pretties.
How's the Writing going?

Lottery Girl said...


Getting photos on the blog is EASY.
Next time you are posting, notice the tool bar in the upper left of the box of your post. There is a photo icon about six tools over. In case you aren't sure, when you run your mouse over the icons, a pop-up will tell you what each of them does.

Anyway, double-click on the photo icon. A new box comes up, allowing you to choose a file from your computer. Once you select it, you can add more if you wish. The rest of the directions are very clear.

And no, you don't have to adjust the size of the photos. YEAH! But do know that the resolution on Blogger is not as fine as what's on your computer. The photo of the frost is spectacular on my iPhoto and on my computer screen, but is only "nice" on Blogger. The pic lost some of the definition and sparkle in translation.

Writing? What writing? It's been going badly whole month of March. Grrr!

Jenny Graman Meyer said...

Very cool fairy frost. Did you get a laugh to go with it? Oh, no, that's elf laughter. (g)

I can't believe you still have frost. It was 60 here yesterday!

Lottery Girl said...


Last year we had snow in MAY! It sounds dreadful, I know,but it isn't dreadful at all. We sometimes wake up to snow on the ground, and after a few hours, it's all melted off. This Spring snow is not causing any trouble where I live. Plus, because it's so dry here, a high temp in the 40s is actually pleasant. Now if it had been in the 40s in the humid South, we'd all be freezing. Not so here.

Amy Dupire said...

Thanks, LG. So easy, even a cave-girl can do it! And, based on what you're saying to Jenny, you're starting to sound like a CO native!

Lottery Girl said...


If you have any difficulty at all, e-mail me and I will call you and walk you through it. It really is easy, plus I can tell you some other stuff about photos as well.

Amy Dupire said...

Aw, sweet!
I should be getting a cell phone here any day, maybe I'll call you just to check it out. [g]

Sarah said...

Dear Stephanie,

Wow! Gorgeous!! But seems like it's already cold in..umm..where do you live? [g]

Lottery Girl said...


I live in the West of the United States,in the state of Colorado. I am in the Rocky Mountains. I know Austria is a mountainous country, so I'll bet you can relate. We are very high up above sea level, at about 7500 feet (a mile is 5280 feet, I think). Anyway, there's 40% less oxygen here because of the altitude.

It seems like it's cold, but it is quite pleasant. We have snow fall from maybe October through May, but not many blizzards. It snowed yesterday, but today it will be 60 degrees, which is quite warm. Because it is extremely dry here, the cold and the hot are not as penetrating as in more humid climates. During the summer we get into the 80s, and then it is always cool at night. As you can tell, I adore living here, and hope we never move again!