Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm Starting to Lose It--AGAIN

See the beautiful little girl in the photo? Don't you think she's far too young to be setting out on her own into the cruel world next year? WHO just asked how old that photo is? It doesn't matter-- just look at that innocent face; she's really as sweet as she looks. She will be the second of my chicks to be launched.
I took this little girl yesterday for a tour of Colorado State University in Ft. Collins. I was sold from the opening lecture, where they had a string trio serenading us as we ate continental breakfast and chugged coffee. Yes--I had to chug many cuppas after getting up at o'dark thirty to make the drive--anything for my darling.

Many thing have changed since I went to university a couple of years ago. WHO just snickered? YOU again, you rude person? Okay, so what if it has been more than a couple of years?

These huge universities have every resource imaginable for students these days, including writing centers that can help with all those papers, tutoring centers, etc. And then there's the travel abroad. I can see myself now in a garret in Florence or Venice or Paris studying away with only a candle illuminating my way.
Okay, I've gotten off track here. Anyway, the University looked fantastic. Students there do amazing things like triple major in violin performance, bio medical chemistry, and river dancing. Ft. Collins always makes those lists of the best places to live. The infrastructure is all quite new and appealing. What's not to love?

And what of the little girl? The petit poot scrunched up her little freckled nose and shoulders and said: "Eh." So I sent her to time out, and decided I am going away to university myself. MEOW!!!


Amy Dupire said...

Aww, she's a cutie.
Did both my BA and MA there. Love Fort Collins--except for how big it's grown. LOVE IT! I'm envious! Oh, it's going to be an exciting wonderful time. . .for her. [s]

Lottery Girl said...

Amy, I did not know you went to CSU! HOW COOL!!!

One thing K is worried about is the size of the University, and whether or not she'll make friends. She's NOT a party girl. Someone came from Boulder to her HS last week, and a kid asked this young lady if he'd fit in, because he doesn't party. She told him, "Oh, don't worry, you'll party!"

Did ask one of the tour guides about partying, and she said she was not a party girl, and that you can fit in without partying. Hope so!

I'm envious as well!

A Novel Woman said...

If it's anything like my girl's school, they do lots of first week get acquainted type activities so they meet others who are new to the school, too. H. was on the orientation committee and had a blast taking her "new little chickies" under her wing.

My little boy, who turns 20 next week, is moving out into his first apartment at the end of the summer. It ain't easy, I'll tell ya. But it just means more time for hobbies, travel, etc.

A Novel Woman said...

Um, your tiger is cute, too.

Susan Adrian said...


No, I can't think about that yet. :)

Lottery Girl said...


I'm with you on the "more time" thing. Unfortunately, there will not be a penny left to do anything fun. These kids are so expensive!!! Why did I have three?

Oh, but they are so wonderful!!! Why didn't I have more? Thank God the spouse had some sense, because I could have been talked into more babies so easily.


Lottery Girl said...


No, don't think about it at all. Just enjoy all the moments. I'm still having just as much fun as ever now that they are older. Although, I will lose my mind when the infant, now thirteen, leaves home.

Boy comes home at Xmas with all sorts of friends in tow. This past year he brought home four boys and a lovely chica. They ski all day and then come and eat all the food I've cooked all day. They are great kids and I adore them all.

Beth said...

ROFL!!!! (Mr. Tiger, I mean. Now all you need is a .wav file of his elf laugh...)

And that cute little girl is not old enough to go away to college!

(I'm struggling with the fact that my youngest will be off in just over a year...)