Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh Where Have You Been Lottery Girl, Lottery Girl?

I've been super-swamped, just like I am every October with school events and Halloween. I'm so excited with the results of my hard work. Some of you got to see the Marie Antoinette costume I made last year, which included green lace (sleeves) and toile (white and green skirt) from the bargain section of the fabric store:

This year I swore I was not making another costume. But of course, that was a lie because middle child is now a senior in high school and will not be with me next year for Halloween. So this is it and it had better be good!

At first, I decided I would only make a quick fairy skirt. Then while I was sleeping, the top came to me: How about something fit for a Forest Queen? Click on the photo for a more detailed view. I made all the leaves myself, as well as the ribbon roses. The top has sewn-in boning as well.

And here is a photo of my beautiful fairy daughter, all set for Halloween:


Rhonda said...

Girl! You are so talented. What a marvelous costume. I can hear the birds twittering and chirping in the forest already.

Lottery Girl said...

Thank you Rhonddalyn!

Toxiferous said...

All of those costumes are absolutely stunning. I hope you had a great halloween!