Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Doggie Park

Colorado weather continues to be absolutely perfect. Took the hell hounds out today for a romp in the doggie park and autumn portraits.

Can you believe that the photo below is the doggie park?
Here's our girl Sparky, who is all that is good in a friend:  loving, faithful, loyal, brilliant, intellectual, darn pretty, and a great party gal:  
Here's Mo of the mountain, the most affectionate creature I've ever met.  His joy for life and passion for his family go a long way in making up for... his sins.  


Rhonda said...

I love the photo of Mo of the Mountain! So regal.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Rhonddalyn,

Mo thanks you! He's such a scamp!

Toxiferous said...

Those portraits are so sweet! They look perfect for framing.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Toxiferous,

Mo and Sparky thank you!!!

sexy said...
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