Thursday, June 5, 2008

Romeo and Sparkyette

Sparky and I were cleaning house and came upon one her many theatre portfolios. I thought I'd share some clips from one of her more memorable shows, Romeo and Sparkyette.

In this first shot, Sparkyette is backstage with her dresser, preparing for the ball scene.

Romeo, clearly smitten, searches for Sparkyette's balcony.  Look at the passion on that face:  

Romeo declares his undying love for Sparkyette.  
Sparkyette rises from her bed chamber to find out who is making all that accursed racket:  

 Sparkyette is taken aback by Romeo's fervor and politely asks him to quit sniffing.   
Romeo does not honor the fair maid's request, and Sparkyette has no choice but to try to escape.  
Although the production was an enormous hit, Sparkyette vows she will never work with this Romeo again.  


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Great post - very original and amusing for us even if it wasnt for Sparkyette!!

BellaRose said...

Nigel is a naughty boy. My poor little spark!

The Episcotarian Unipaganist said...

I swear those dawgs look as big as Shetland ponies! Wish I had as nice a wardrobe . .. and a dresser, no less! BTW I see a children's series in the making here a la Wegman. Think about it.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Joan,

So glad you enjoyed!

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Bellarose,

Thanks for visiting--yes, our poor little Spark!

Lottery Girl said...

Dear EU,

Yeah, size is definitely relative. Sparky (15 pounds) seemed so tiny until we got Mojo (6 pounds), and after that, I never thought of her as small again.

Thanks for the suggestion--Sparky is always up for the idea of her own series, the little scamp.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Just noticed you've added me to your Wild and Crazy posts links - an honour - thanks and you sure have sussed me out but not quite so wild nowadays that Im one of those people known as an OAP!!! but I dont really believe it myself as I'm as active as ever.
Thanks for commenting in my Norwich Cathedral photo images post.

Kelli said...

Good morning! Thank you for visiting my blog! This was such a cute post...such talented actors. ;0)

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Joan,

I HAD to add you, you see, because I visit your blog so regularly I had to make it easier on myself so find it.

Besides, I'm sure some of the distinguished people who visit here would love to see your gorgeous art work!

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Kelli,

Thanks for the compliment! And thanks for stopping in.

Annapurna said...

Cute story and the expressions on the faces match your story. So I am guessing you made the story based on the photos.

About the crop-a-dile, I don't own one. Is it the big bite or the original? I found these videos that
you might want to watch before purchasing.
If I have to have a reference sheet for anything, it is not going to get used, but that is me.
A friend of mine was saying it is hard on the hands, but in these videos it seems simpler.

You can buy eyelets and stuff at any local craft store.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Anna,

Oh, thank you so much for those videos! I watched them and decided not to get this tool. I'm with you on the reference sheet thing.