Thursday, June 19, 2008

Amber Waves of...

Yes, the yellow powder on the deck in the photo above is POLLEN. One day's worth. I'm awash in pollen.  

In case I haven't made it abundantly clear, I adore living in the mountains.  I think I'm the luckiest girl alive to live in a place where each and every day I see sights that fill me with awe. With that said, there are just a few things that are... unpleasant. Like pollen.  

Since we enjoy such marvelous summer weather, we need no air conditioning.  We simply keep the windows open.  So of course, everything in the house is covered in pollen.  Came home the other day to find both dogs wearing sweet little suits of pollen.  Forgot to rinse out the tub before I got in it, and so I enjoyed a pollen bubble bath.  Must clean off kitchen counter tops and floor daily to remove the residue.        

Last night's sprinkle of rain wasn't enough to wash the pollen off completely:

Oh well. Soon this will pass. I still think I live in paradise.


Annapurna said...

That would be hell in heaven for me, since I have pollen allergies. I am glad it is over with here.
My daughter today saw a crack in the pavement filled with cottonwood tree seeds and thought it was a snake. It took me a while to figure out what she is calling a snake.

No air conditioner sounds awesome. I think that is the way to live. Sweating once in a while helps toxins out of our body too.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Anna,

Thanks for popping in!

Oddly enough, this particular pollen (from the pine trees) is not bothering any of us allergy-wise except for Sparky. She has allergies in the Spring, and is quite allergic to the pollen produced then. The only way she gets any relief is for me to bathe her and rub cream into her feet. When dogs have allergies, they manifest themselves in the feet. Awful!

Yes, I like the idea of no AC. Although I must admit I'd think I'd die without it in some of the other places I've lived, such as Texas and Florida. UGH!!!