Thursday, June 26, 2008

Estes Park Wool Festival, II

Right in the middle of telling you all about the Wool Festival last week, I got totally side-tracked by that stinkin' pollen and all the rain-dancing I've been doing.   

Let's get back to the incredible Festival, shall we? Last week we took a look at the Alpacas, so now we'll move on to the sheep tent. Sheep are amazing and come in all sizes and colors, but I got to say, they're all sheep shaped. (Don't say that repeatedly or quickly or you'll get your mouth washed out.) 

Anyway, I saw my daughters, mesmerized, gaping into one of the pens. Of course I had to find out what interested them so much.  

"WOW!!! That's mind-boggling!!!" I shouted when I looked into the pen. The girls were mortified and tried to shish me. But stupid me, I didn't take the hint.

"That fellow is AMAZING! According to this sign, he's got the POLYCERATE GENE!!!" (This gene causes the sheep to grow extra horns.) The girls were not impressed that I could read the placard on the side of the pen.

Finally I figured out we were not looking at the same sheep.  DUH!!!  They were looking at this most impressive specimen of a ram:  

"wow...,"  I whispered, not even using a capital "w".   What more could I say?  

The sheep in the photo above are Jacob sheep, named for the fellow of Old Testament fame. Spinners like this wool, as they are able to spin yarn that is naturally variegated.  

Here's one last photo of a gentleman who was such a natty dresser I had to include him:  


A Novel Woman said...


(breathe, breathe)


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for a great laugh this morning - wonderful photos and hysterical comments. Should have been a sit com comedy script writer - or are you???

Lottery Girl said...

Dear NW:

Thank you, my dear!

Toxiferous said...

Funniest post ever! Those are some impressive...horns. :) The little guy in the last photo has stolen my heart.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Joan,

You're welcome! And thanks for visiting, and for the compliment!

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Toxiferous:

Thank you!

Yeah, the last guy was all by his lonesome, waiting to go into the ring. I asked why they dress the sheep, and they do so to keep them clean before they compete.

Annapurna said...

I saw the pics yesterday, but didn't read the whole thing. That is funny. The thing that they may not have known is that sheep or not supposed to have more than two horns.
The guy at the end really looks like some guy I know with green eyes :-)

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Lottery Girl said...

Dear Anna,

Very funny about knowing some guy who looks like this sheep! I went back and looked at him again, and he does look somewhat human.


Ken Slavin said...

Stephanie: I love the photo! I knew a young man like that once....but I digress.....Ken