Friday, May 2, 2008


When I was a younger pup I listened to the radio on the way home to and from the orifice. I loved Fridays, when the announcer would squeal into the mike: WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekEND!!! While he sounded like an insane carnival clown, hearing it made me feel so good I'd laugh out loud, no matter how tense and crappy the work week had been.

Now we celebrate our weekends by driving into downtown Denver (LoDo) and eating at one of the many great restaurants there. Last weekend we indulged in Key Lime Martinis, and when we went home, I looked for a recipe. After much experimentation, I came up with the following recipe. I did use more pineapple juice than called called for, because I don't like my drinks quite that strong. I prefer this cocktail to the Key Lime Pie Martini, which calls for cream,and is therefore way more fattening. (Saw a recipe for a chocolate martini that was over 500 calories!!!)

Anyway, should you decide to create this drink tonight, remember to say "WeeeeeeeeeeeeekEND" before you drink it.

Key Lime Martini For Two
4 shots of Absolut Vanilia Vodka
1 shot simple syrup***
1 shots freshly squeezed lime juice
2 shots pineapple juice

***Simple syrup: Place 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar in sauce pan. Boil until the sugar dissolves. Cool. You can make this ahead of time if desired.


Cate said...

I didn't get a proper weekend this week (Manager = work when no one else will/can)

I think next Friday, that recipe will really hit the spot.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Cate,

No, that's no sort of weekend at all. Better luck this coming weekend.