Monday, May 12, 2008

The Importance of Place in Writing

The Stanley Hotel

Think about some of your favorite books and ask yourself what was it that made the book great. For most of us, the first thing that comes to mind will be the characters, but chances are for the books we love best, we cannot bring to mind those characters without recalling the worlds in which they existed.  

Setting is crucial.  And you never know how a visit somewhere new can stir the imagination.  
Case in point:  Spent Saturday in one of my favorite places, Estes Park, Colorado, a small tourist town directly outside the Rocky Mountain National Park.  It is also home to the Stanley Hotel, built by F.O.Stanley (of Stanley Steamer fame) in 1909 and reputed to be haunted by several ghosts. Stephen King and his wife stayed at the Stanley Hotel during the 1970s, prompting him to write The Shining. Here's a view of the Rocky Mountains from the hotel:  


Susan Adrian said...

Ooooh, I went to a conference there! And went ghost-hunting too. :)

Lottery Girl said...


So did you find any ghosts? And do you believe in ghosts? (Especially interesting q for you considering what you are writing!)

There is at least one ghost in my WIP...

Susan Adrian said...

Of COURSE I believe in ghosts!! Have had a few experiences myself.

And I did snap a couple of orbs, though I've found out later that probably means bunk. Spooky place, though. :)

Lottery Girl said...

Yeah, I figured you were a believer. Next time I'll have to go inside the hotel and see for myself.