Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Beauty at my Feet

Living in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains affords endless opportunities to hike.  You might think that when I walk I spend all my time admiring the glory and majesty of the soaring peaks and skies above my head.  Not  so.  There are as many wonders at my feet as there are overhead.  


Amy Dupire said...

Oh, this is lovely, LG.
It makes me want to take a picture of the fascinating fungus I have on some pecan branches. It looks like raisins! Now that I can actually post an image on my blog, I might do that.

Lottery Girl said...


You should! As you can tell, I love all that stuff.

Although my kids really got grossed out when I made them come out and see the maggots in the trash can. I thought it was interesting; while they thought it was revolting. (I was such a good homeschooling mom!)

Beth said...

I particularly love that last picture. What is the fuzzy plant?

Lottery Girl said...


I'm embarrassed to say I can't identify any of the flowers or plants in the photos. I'm really good with all the domestic stuff, but not with this new-to-me stuff in the wild.

I'll have to steal daughter's Colorado nature book and see what I come up with.