Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Book Signing: What's Your Opinion?

For Stephenie Meyer fans, today was a huge day.  Her first non-YA book, The Host, debuted amid a ton of fanfare, including a full-page ad in the NYTimes.   One of my daughters is a huge fan, and last year we went to Meyer's book signing at the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch.  My daughter REALLY wanted to go to the signing for the new book, which will take place in our area May 19.  

So this morning, I called the bookstore to purchase the book from them at full-price, something I hardly ever do, but Meyer's publisher has instituted quite a number of rules for this event.  Okay, that's $25.99 (could have purchased it from Amazon for close to $16) Oh, and I have to buy a ticket for $2.00.  Well, fine.  I do believe that I should support my local bookstore when I can.  But then I found out that EVERY person who attends the event must buy a book from them and a ticket.  The bookstore employees kept apologizing repeatedly, saying this is the publisher's doing, not theirs.  I am most certainly not paying $56 so that I can accompany my middle schooler.  So now we are not going, and I have bad feelings.  The whole point of these events is to make more money, which is exactly what any corporation should be doing.  HOWEVER,  I wonder if the marketing department has considered that by gouging customers, they are not making friends for the long-term.  

This is such a contrast to the atmosphere for Diana Gabaldon's book signing (the latest Lord John book) we attended last September.  We did not have to pay for tickets; indeed, we didn't even have to buy the new book, but I did because I wanted it, because I adore Diana, and because I wanted to support my local bookstore.  Diana also signed any of her books attendees brought along.  She was gracious and took her time with each person even though I'm sure she was exhausted.  I've noted that Diana's fans are hardcore, and I think this is because not only is she a great writer, but she treats her fans incredibly well.  I do not want to malign Meyer in any way, as I know this is her publisher's doing.  Nonetheless, in the future, I'll just wait my turn at the library for her books.   

So what's your opinion?  


Shanta Everington said...

Hi there

Thanks for posting your comment on my blog re Give Me a Sign. It's great to have your support!

Re your question, the book is now available to pre-order online via Paypal. I guess you can use that in the States? Have a look at this link if you're interested: http://www.flamebooks.com/product.asp?prodId=38

(Ignore the dodgy makeshift cover - awaiting the real one!)

Re book signings, well I'd do any for free but then I'm just lil ol me!



Cate said...

I would like to apologize in advance for my rantiness, but...


As someone who's worked her hold adult life in bookstores and worked countless events -- that is an utterly ridiculous policy. Someone needs to tell the publisher the first rule of events -- they are for the established fans, ie: people who will buy the book anyway, if not before or at the event, then afterward.

I just can't understand what they are thinking. Those poor booksellers having to deal with that crap!

Lottery Girl said...


Thanks so much for stopping in, and I'll take a peek at the link. I want to wish you the very best on your new book!

Lottery Girl said...


Yeah, I noticed Lee Child is coming to this same store, among other uber-famous authors, and NO ONE has such inane rules.

I truly felt sorry for the employees, because as I said, they kept apologizing to me. They did this not because I was expressing any animosity (not my style), but because they had been harangued all day over this.

Rhea said...

I wonder if the author has any idea what her publisher is requiring. I think that's a big much. I'm all for support the authors and the bookstores, but that's ridiculous to require EVERY person buys a book, especially a young adult author where the readers are usually under age and need a parent to accompany them. Crazy!

Lottery Girl said...


I would think she would be aware of the policy, but maybe she defers to what the people in marketing are telling her to do. Marketing is definitely grooming her for superstardom.

cmoh said...

Oh I am seathing with envy...Diana and Stephanie! I love Diana, and am intreaged with Stephanie. I have read 1/2 of her new book and well, I'm just not into it.

I decided not to go to her book signing. She is an author that is seaking a new audience and not making it very easy. I think she is trying to eliminate the number of younge girls that show up but still.

I know yofu will make the right decision. Hope you have fun whatever you do.