Sunday, March 30, 2008

Today's Cool Photo

Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous.  This is what I awakened to this morning. Spooky-cool, eh?  


A Novel Woman said...

It's foggy here too, but all I look at is other houses.

I want your view.

Gorgeous photos. Don't you just lurve photography? I want us to go to Photoshop World next April! What if it's in Japan? This year was Orlando. Not sure if it's somewhere else next year but I think so. Come on. You know you want to.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Novel,

No, you can't store photos on the old iPod. Now if you have a newer iPod, or an iPhone, or an iTouch (which is an iPhone without the phone part) you can definitely store photos there I have iPhoto on my Mac, which is the software program for storing and editing photos.

I don't know if you want to store them on the iPod anyway. Being an old fart, it is hard for me to see the photos on such a small screen. Also, if your iPod goes bye-bye, so do your photos.

Yeah, the photos take up an incredible amount of computer space. My computer is only three years old and is already old and slow and full. Had to buy an external drive.