Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting Ready For St. Patty's Day

Here's Mojo, modeling the latest in bandana wear. He's checking out his wardrobe to make certain he'll be ready when the big day arrives next week.


A Novel Woman said...

Odd. Mojo doesn't look Irish.

Your camera takes lovely shots. If I had a camera, I'd post photos, too.


When and what are your dogs performing next? I'd like to book a front row seat.

Lottery Girl said...

No, Mojo isn't Irish, but we love him just the same. Sparky is Scottish. She is a MacNeil from the Isle of Barra; her mother was the clan chief's daughter.

Sparky is going to dress up for St. Patty's, so do be on the lookout. She's also in the midst of making a movie of herself at the Spa as soon as she can figure out how to use the stinkin' software. Dang! She's a clever lassie.

BTW--your photo is GORGEOUS!!! You're so photogenic!!!

A Novel Woman said...

That photo was taken when our own kc dyer came to visit me for a couple of hours and we met for lunch in the old part of the city.

It was a good lunch.(g)