Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hike to the Barn

Spring time in the Front Range of the Rockies can bring any sort of weather from snow to sun to rain to intense wind. Spring time in general engenders a yearning within us to do new things, or simply to explore that which surrounds us each day but remains unknown to us.

For nearly two years I have driven by an enormous meadow containing an old abandoned barn. I always wanted to stop and explore, but life always intervened. The characters in my novel have no such constraints upon them, and ride their trusty steeds over the miles to investigate. Yesterday we awoke to glorious skies and warm temperatures, and I decided on a whim that it was time for my two companions and me to explore that place as well. Our trusty steeds were not the sort to be saddled, but were leashed until the park ranger was out of site and they could then be released to run with us. Wind gusts were so intense that we were tossed about several times, but we were not deterred in our quest to explore the abandoned barn seen in the photo above.  Beanie ran ahead while Sparky the Wonder Dog courageously (the black and white blip in the right foreground) followed.     

Mo had to be carried by Katherine, as the prairie grass was taller than he is and was cruelly whipping him. As you can see, he didn't really mind.

The barn was a wonder of patterns with rough hewn logs going parallel and perpendicular. But it was also creepy, and I would not have been surprised to have found a body within the abandoned shell. What had happened here? I think that is something my characters will have to work out.


Jenny Graman Meyer said...

So excited to find your blog as well! The barn is amazing. And the scenery reminds me of the house Sara lived in in Utah - the last house before the government green space between development and the mountain. What a fantastic view! Jenny

Amy Dupire said...

Hi Stephanie,
Ohh, I'm so glad to see your blog. I had no idea you were such a fiber-geek. I used to drop-spindle yarn. I used to knit as well, uh, that was B.C. (before children), of course. I'm putting you in my blog list.

Lottery Girl said...


I am so glad you popped in--almost as good as seeing you for real.

It is beautiful here. Each and everyday I see stunning views and have yet to take it for granted. Hope I never do!

Lottery Girl said...


I feel your pain. I used to do all sorts of fun things B.C. and had to stop. Beanie and I took up knitting a little over a year ago. We have had so much fun! When your girls are older, you can share that with them as well. It really does get fun again!

A Novel Woman said...

Oh wow. Awesome landscape and photos. To quote Napoleon Dynamite, "Luck-keeey!"

Lottery Girl said...

Thank you, oh novel one.