Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Have Been Bad--By Mojo

Hello everyone, it's me, Mo. According to my mom, I've been bad. Again. But she doesn't understand me. I don't run away on purpose. I just start smelling all those great smells and my legs start chasing them. Then my ears can't hear when my nose is smelling and I think maybe Mom's calling my name, but those smells...

Here I am, all upset with myself, because Sparky got a treat for coming in when she was called, and I got nothing but "Oopsey!" I hate the "O" word.

Wonder how I'll get out of this one... I know! I'll get out of this the same way I always get out of everything.

I'll use my extra-special cuteness pose, the one where I put my butt up in the air, and wag my way right back into her heart:

I am a genius!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Improv Mitten

I'm taking a mittens class right now to improv my skill. That's right, I want to IMPROV. Specifically, I'd like to learn to work without a pattern. Wouldn't it be great when you fall in love with a yarn, to know exactly what to do with it? No more spending countless hours searching for a pattern.

This handspun, pure wool yarn from Uruguay is a heavy worsted weight with thick and thin stranding. The company, Manos del Uruguay, is a non-proft organization dedicated to bringing opportunity to rural women. I love the fact that one skein makes a pair of mittens, so the cost is quite reasonable.

Our class assignment last week was to create the cuff. The teacher had several suggestions. To me, this autumn-colored gold called out CABLE!!! I chose to make a sort of fake-cabled cuff that is actually quite easy as it does not use a cable needle.

For the hand, I knew I wanted glorious, honest-to-goodness real cables. I looked through a stitch book and found a cable stitch I liked and just knew it would be perfect.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Recipe for Excitement: Mary's Scarf

Mary adores pink. She also loves Easter. My daughter gives me this info so that I can create a custom scarf for her friend Mary.

Hmmmmm..... I wander over to my stash of yarn to see what I see...

Here's one lonely, rather boring ball of plain yarn, although it is a delicious shade of pink.

Then I find some exciting novelty yarns; I think the one on the left looks particularly Easter-egg-ish.

I knit them all together and voila! A beautiful scarf for Mary. I used HUGE needles (US Size 19) so that all the fibers could be seen.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sock it to Me Yet Again

I love to knit and find myself spending more time knitting these wintry days. I try to split my free time between writing and knitting. The strange thing about knitting for me is that I haven't kept much of anything for myself. I always seem to give my creations away, because it gives me tremendous pleasure.

Then, I made and KEPT the socks above for my little self. And I discovered that wearing handmade socks is the ultimate in luxury. I even bought a pair of mules so that I could show off my cute socks. I feel special the entire time I am wearing them.

I have taken to keeping a sock in-the-making in my purse in case I get caught waiting anywhere. I simply whip out the project and get in a couple of rows. I've had the socks below in my purse for ages, and got tired of looking at them. I finally finished it this week.

Unfortunately, Biker Chick has fallen in love with the pair. But the next pair will be for me!