Friday, February 5, 2010

Sock it to Me Yet Again

I love to knit and find myself spending more time knitting these wintry days. I try to split my free time between writing and knitting. The strange thing about knitting for me is that I haven't kept much of anything for myself. I always seem to give my creations away, because it gives me tremendous pleasure.

Then, I made and KEPT the socks above for my little self. And I discovered that wearing handmade socks is the ultimate in luxury. I even bought a pair of mules so that I could show off my cute socks. I feel special the entire time I am wearing them.

I have taken to keeping a sock in-the-making in my purse in case I get caught waiting anywhere. I simply whip out the project and get in a couple of rows. I've had the socks below in my purse for ages, and got tired of looking at them. I finally finished it this week.

Unfortunately, Biker Chick has fallen in love with the pair. But the next pair will be for me!


A Novel Woman said...


I wish I could knit socks. I'm still at the scarf stage, but I'm able to knit 2 purl 2 now, even if it's somewhat awkward and I have to pay careful attention. But I'm practicing stitches on dish cloths using big fat cotton yarn!

I have two scarves on the go - one slubby midnight blues and purples, and one silk/wool mix in orange, reds and purples. It's AWESOME. I just hope I don't #$&! it up.(g)

Lottery Girl said...

Soon, grasshopper, soon you will knit socks. Work your way there and enjoy the journey.

After your gorgeous scarves, move on to a simple hat to match. Then, how about a simple felted purse?

I strongly advise you to take a class to do the socks, because of course you can do it on your own, but the class just makes it all so much easier.

You and your beautiful daughter could always come here for the Estes Park Wool Festival in June and have a weekend of knitting and gin.

I took an advanced mittens class this week. I was by far the best knitter, which I say not to brag, but because you might think I didn't need the class. But I had enough experience to ask some questions I wouldn't have been able to ask had I been a newbie. Also, I learned some things which will improve my technique.

I am moving towards not using a pattern for the mittens, instead designing my own. WAIT until you see them!

George Colombo said...

Theyre beautiful

Lottery Girl said...

Thank you George!

Rhonda said...

Beautiful socks!!!

I can't even knit 2 purl 2! I did knit a scarf or two a couple of years ago. But nothing like what you do! I can't imagine how it would work. The socks look so complicated!

Deniz Bevan said...

Gorgeous! I'm two sets of Kitchener stitches away from finishing my first ever real pair of socks. The first sock I made was on dpns and, though it was easy, it's a real pain to have to knit 'em one at a time. Then I did two socks at a time on straight needles but I'm not a very neat sewer... Now I'm using the magic loop method and I love it! Next up, kilt hose on the magic loop... I'm scared...

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Rhonddalyn,

The socks are more involved for sure. But I love them.

Why don't you take a knitting class? That's what I do. They are loads of fun and you get to meet fun people, sort of like a writer's convention!

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Deniz,

For the Kitchner stitch, I always Google and find a video and work along with it. You'd think I could do it on my own by now, but I feel so much more comfortable with that video.