Saturday, February 6, 2010

Recipe for Excitement: Mary's Scarf

Mary adores pink. She also loves Easter. My daughter gives me this info so that I can create a custom scarf for her friend Mary.

Hmmmmm..... I wander over to my stash of yarn to see what I see...

Here's one lonely, rather boring ball of plain yarn, although it is a delicious shade of pink.

Then I find some exciting novelty yarns; I think the one on the left looks particularly Easter-egg-ish.

I knit them all together and voila! A beautiful scarf for Mary. I used HUGE needles (US Size 19) so that all the fibers could be seen.


Deniz Bevan said...

Lovely! You've inspired me to take a look at my piles of half-used balls - er, skeins :-)

A Novel Woman said...

Oooh, awesome. I love Easter colours too. I'll have to post my current project.

And, um, why isn't Daughter knitting?

Also, size 19? Be still my heart. I thought my 12s were big!

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Deniz,

Yep, this is the project to use up that stash. Half-used balls are pretty worthless otherwise!

Lottery Girl said...

Dear NW,

The needles also come in size 35, and even bigger. The good news about the big needles is that the project goes lickety-split, as in, 1 inch per row for this scarf. Plus, you can really see the three fibers, whereas they would have gotten lost on smaller needles.

Strangely, holding such big needles is a bit awkward at times. I think I actually knit a stitch faster on smaller needles, but like I said, you need fewer rows with the big needles.