Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's Compare the Two Laces

It's become apparent to me that I'll be working on two shawls forever, because I can't seem to pick one and stick with it. I'm learning quite a bit about two yarns I've not worked with before, and the needles. I've pinned both pieces of lace to a white towel so you can see them clearly; remember, both projects use the same exact pattern, but the top yarn is a mohair/silk blend on size 7 needles, while the blue is an alpaca/silk blend on size 5 needles:

Should you ever attempt lace, the most important thing I've learned so far is this: In the future, I will only use one type of needles for lace: The Addi (Addi is the brand) Turbo Lace needles. They are brass-colored and have sharp points so you can get into those skinny stitches easily. I'm using the lace needles on the blue sample, and regular, silver-colored Addi needles on the mohair, because the shop was out of the lace needles in that size, and like an idiot I didn't think it would make that much difference. It does.

I'm loving this project so far, so much so that I didn't even mind when I took my car in for an oil change and got stuck at the shop for the entire morning, as I got to write, and then knit the time away while drinking coffee. Life is good.


A Novel Woman said...

Love 'em. Love the big holes (not sure how you do that) and the floatiness of them, and how the brown one seems to have polka dots of colour. Pretty cool beans!

Lottery Girl said...

Thank you!

The big holes are EASY. They are called "yarn over."
You know how when you make a knit stitch, you insert the needle into a stitch, wrap the yarn around and pull through the new stitch? Well, a yarn over is simply wrapping the yarn around the needle and then continuing knitting. You might have even done this by mistake. Then it makes a big hole when you go back and knit it. FUN!!!

Yeah, the mohair is VERY floaty and airy; both pieces are the softest things evah!

catsmum said...

nothing at all against Addis but I mostly use my KP Harmonies.
Nice and pointy just like the Addi Lace and the wood is just the right degree of 'grabbiness'
There's even a little hole - used for tightening the needle onto the cord - that can be repurposed for threading through a lifeline with zero fuss

Lottery Girl said...


Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check those KP needles out!