Friday, January 22, 2010

One Last Look at Mongolian Felting

You may have noticed that after items are felted, they are embroidered. Errta brought us all yarn that had been spun from the camel's wool, usually taken from the hair on the underside of the camel's neck. My classmates thought I should use some white thread to embroider my felt, but camels don't come in white. No problem for these incredible women. One woman whipped out cream roving from her own sheep and passed it to Anna, who kindly ran over to the spinning wheel and spun yarn for my project right then and there!

At the end of our weekend workshop, one of the participants dressed in Mongolian boots and clothing and played a beautiful instrument from Mongolia. We all stood while he offered a toast, thanking our instructor and her translator for their many kindnesses. He felted the hat on his head during the workshop.

All in all, a very special weekend!


Deniz Bevan said...

Thanks for all the detailed posts; it looks like you had a great weekend! Hope I can find something as fun if I ever get into felting; I`m still trying to find someone to help me with my drop spindle - hmm, maybe I`ll just have to go to the Fergus festival again this year :-)

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Deniz,

You are welcome! And Thank YOU for reading!

As far as the drop spindle is concerned, are there no shops around that teach spinning? I have one (the same one that did the felting workshop) in Boulder, which is one hour away.

I understand that there is a spinning guild in that area as well. Wonder if there is such a thing in your area?