Monday, January 11, 2010

One Down, One to Go

Amazing what -16 degrees prompts you to do. At that temperature, just breathing deeply is painful. While we rarely get to zero degrees here in this part of the Rockies, I want to be prepared next time it happens. As you already saw, I made mittens in a hurry for both of my daughters so that they would be warm as they wait for the bus.

Now, it's my turn for something cozy. I selected Rowan Cocoon, a merino and mohair blend, in Emerald green; you can't imagine how plush this yarn feels. Then I went off to for a free pattern. I knew I wanted cables, and this patterns features three of them. The cuff is extra-long so that my forearms will be impervious to even the coldest of winds.

Old Man Winter, I'm ready and waiting for you, or at least, my left hand is.


A Novel Woman said...

GORGEOUS!! Especially on that orange background.

We have mittens here with little tufts of fleece on the inside of them. I forget what they're called, but I think they come from Newfoundland. Now those are warm!

Almost finished my first scarf!!

Anonymous said...
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Lottery Girl said...

Thank you!

Interesting about the tufts of fleece--haven't seen those. Have been reading all about mittens from books from the library and saw a pair of mittens that was double knitted. This means that while you knit the outer mitten, you knit an inner mitten as well. Interesting concept, but I have no desire to make those.

I also read that people in extremely cold places would often weave in dog hair, etc., and then felt said mittens for the most warmth and more water-resistance.