Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mittens in a Hurry

It's nippy here in the Rocky Mountains, especially if you have to spend time waiting outside for the school bus, as both my daughters do. I wanted them to have some especially warm mittens, and I wanted them in a hurry. No time for anything fancy. So I picked up some bigger needles (double pointed, size 8), some chunky wool from France, Laika, and a skein of Mohair for added warmth and softness.

I repeated in a different color way for my other daughter:


A Novel Woman said...

Ah, they are GORGEOUS.(le sigh) Are they really mittens in a hurry? It will give me hope. But First, my simple scarf.

Lottery Girl said...

Thank you!

Yes, these really are quick because of the chunky yarn and bigger needles. These are about the simplest mittens you can possibly make, because there are no cables, etc, just pure knitting for the mitten itself, and a traditional ribbing of knit one/purl one.

Most mittens and socks are made on double pointed needles, or "in the round." This means there is no seam to sew up in the end, which would not only be a pain, but would be uncomfortable on your ankle/hand as well.

Also, mittens are easier than socks because there are no heels to turn. The only tricky part of a mitten is the thumb gusset. Sometimes beginners wind up with holes at the base of the thumb.

I am in a mitten mood right now--doesn't require much yarn, they're portable, etc.

Rhonda said...

You are so good at this knitting business. If I could sew two rectangles together…that would be the only kind of mitten I could make.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Rhonddalyn,

Thanks for popping in girl! We need to have a writing/knitting convention. Maybe between sessions at Surrey? YES!!!!