Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Meet Enrique

Meet Enrique, my new triangle shawl that I finished yesterday:

Here's my darling Enrique, when he was just a baby, looking pretty scrunched-up and unattractive. He's 100% merino wool, but has a very different feel from Jean Claude (May 5th entry) , who is also 100% merino. You may recall that merino wool is renowned for being possibly the softest sheep wool out there. The yarn used to create Enrique has quite a bit of twist in it. Hey, anyone out there a spinner? Can you explain why the yarn is so twisted? One of the advantages is that this yarn looks almost silky, and has quite a sheen to it.

The pattern for Enrique is on p. 134 of Victorian Lace Today, by Jane Sowerby. This is my first triangle shawl, and it is so much fun! I started at the point with one diamond, then two, etc., until I had fifteen.

The triangle shawl is very different from a rectangle or a square because of what's known as bias. If you sew, you know this means cutting the fabric obliquely or diagonally across the grain instead of with the grain. A bias-cut skirt hangs differently than one cut with the grain. You can actually get some stretch by cutting diagonally across the grain. Enrique was incredibly stretchy just by virtue of being triangle-shaped, or created across the bias.

Here's a detail photo of the crocheted picot border around the neck edge:

View of the front:


A Novel Woman said...


I used to spin. Besides having very short fibers (2-4 inches) compared to some others, Merino wool has a lot of lanolin in it. The more lanolin in the fibers, the more the little hairs grab and cling to each other, causing them to twist. It's still a gorgeous yarn to work with.

George Colombo said...


Lottery Girl said...

Dear NW:

Thank you!

Yeah, I need to take a photo of this merino yarn and the other, because they look so different. The yarn for Enrique is QUITE twisted, and I think that's what gives it the look of silk. The merino for Jean Claude is not twisted, and it looks like wool, as it should.

I am thinking of taking spinning this summer. We'll see.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear George,

Thank you!

Rose said...

Beautiful! You are one talented lady. :-)

Lottery Girl said...

ROSE!!!!! So wonderful to see your lovely pixels! How the heck are you?

Thanks for popping in!

Kate M said...

Вы замечательно вяжете! Я тоже последнее время этим увлеклась...вот,недавно шапочку связала,но жаль, что не умею узорами:/ но это пока что. буду исправляться и учиться:)
простите, что на русском:\