Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meet Jean Claude

Meet my new lover, Jean Claude. I have spent so many hours with him that I can say with certainty that I know every fiber of his being.

When I finished attaching the last of the border today, I loved him, but I knew there could be more between us. He was rather scrunched up and stilted, unable to express himself. I find this tragic, as I know he has the soul of a poet:

So I convinced him to seek therapy, specifically, the blocking therapy, which would unleash his inner beauty. Off to the sink he went to soak a while with some Eucalin soap, which requires no rinsing as it leaves no residue:
Because this therapy can be so traumatic, I simply pulled the plug and let the water drain. No sense in letting Jean Claude be damaged by wringing him, or letting him stretch, especially when we've come this far together.

He stank like a wet sheep, which was no surprise, as his heritage is 100% Superfine Merino.
I carefully wrapped him in thirsty towels to rid him of the excess water:
Then I stretched him gently, wired and pinned him in place so that all the lacy holes will show, and all the border will be pointy and beautiful:
He started getting quite dry by the time I was done pinning, so I squirted him a bit with a water bottle so that he'll be sure to keep his shape. Here's a close-up of the new Jean Claude; he'll be dry in 24 hours, so make sure to come back and see him tomorrow.


Annapurna said...

Loving your new love. Can't wait to see the finished product. Love the way you write the story. The writer has to come out even when describing a lace :) Nice work!

A Novel Woman said...

Oh, WOW, he ees, how you say, magnifique!

Hey, is that "soap" you use infused with eucalyptus oil? The wool shop here recommended a Canadian brand.

Lottery Girl said...

ANNAPURNA!!!! I have missed you! I hope your life is going well!

Thanks for popping in!

Lottery Girl said...

Dear NW:

Thank you!

Yes, it is infused with eucalyptus, which smells lovely. I thought of you when I bought it and wondered if it is the same stuff you used for your kitty vomit fiasco. I'll have to check the label and see where it is made.