Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Santas Say Merry Christmas From Around the World

I used to live in Dallas, Texas, where there was a wonderful needlepoint shop in an old section of town. Not only did the shop feature gorgeous canvases, but they also had classes taught by the incredible Patsy, a charming Southern Belle, and her daughter Julia.

Each year when I get out the Santa dolls that I made in their classes, I remember how much fun we all had. If you are thinking of picking up a craft, I highly recommend taking a class, not just for the knowledge imparted, but also for the fellowship.

Santa Claus:

The American Santa:


Rhonda said...


Those are so wonderful! What a cool idea. What are they stuffed with? It would be cool to stuff them with a heavy bead filling of some sort.

Now I'm starting to thing of doorstops...don't get me started.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Rhonddalyn,

These guys are tiny, only about 5 inches. They are stuffed with foam, but then are weighted at the bottom. They are always the centerpiece on the dining room table and are arranged on a cake platter with another huge guy in the center.