Thursday, December 3, 2009

Knitted Hats

It's snowing outside, and Christmas is nearly here. Time to knit one of the easiest and best-loved projects of all, the hat. One hat generally takes 200 yards of yarn, or about 1 1/2 skeins. I hate wasting that 1/2 skein that's leftover, so I almost always buy three skeins, and make two hats. Here are the two hats I made out of three skeins of Noro, a yarn from Japan renowned for intense color:

Here's a closeup of the first hat, knit in the round on double-pointed needles:

The top of the hat:

The second hat took longer to make, as it features a slip-stitch pattern. Even though it is the same yarn, the pattern makes the hat feel thicker:

I love the crown of the hat, which shapes itself into a hexagon simply from decreasing:


Rhonda said...


Your hats are wonderful! Do you sell them? I love the second one. They are so cool!

The only thing I can knit is a scarf. >g<

Lottery Girl said...


You are so sweet, girl! Thanks!

No, I don't sell anything right now. Maybe someday!

A Novel Woman said...

Oh. My. GOD. Those hats are AMAZING!!!! Seriously, you need to sell these and I will be your first customer (move out of the way, Rhonda) because those are simply gorgeous. What an eye you have.

Remember I told you my youngest is now knitting? I bought her the book you recommended on knitting socks and I'm giving it to her for Christmas. She has already made a hat, and I think it's the same pattern as the first one you showed on your blog! Only hers is brown. That wool you used is awesome. Is it possible for me to order it online? I think Youngest would love it, artist that she is.

I'm still AMAZED at how multi-talented you are. Wow. I still wear the scarf you made me, and I get a ton of compliments.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear NW:

Thank you so much--you made my day!

As far as the yarn is concerned, I would first check with your local knit shop. When you buy stuff from them, they'll help you out if you have any questions on the project. Also, I love supporting small stores, which are becoming extinct.

the yarn is:
Noro Kureyon (100% wool), and the color is #102. Noro is the brand, from Japan, and Kureyon is their name for the all wool yarn they make. Noro makes other combos of fibers, like silk, etc.

Now, I certainly have purchased stuff online, especially when I can't get it here in town. The shop where I bought this yarn is out of it, and is not going to order more. There are plenty of reputable places. I'll look around and send you some links.

A Novel Woman said...

Awesome, LG! You da best.

Funny, but the hats on your blog look a lot lighter in colour than the #102 on the Noro website.

At any rate, they, like you, are gorgeous.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear NW,


Yeah, photos of any kind never seem to get the true colors (you, being such an awesome photographer know this better than I) .

My hat photos are nearly exact. Those photos on the Noro site are way off. They do not show the brightness of the colors at all. Also, because it takes so long for the pattern of the color to repeat, they can't get a photo that shows all the colors in such a tiny swatch for the computer screen.

And because there are so many colors in one skein, I try to look "inside" the skein of Noro so that I can see all the colors hiding in the middle.


A Novel Woman said...

You da best!

(Hey, my word verification is "musin" and I am!)

Youngest is coming home next week. She has already placed an order for more "chubby baby alpaca" wool in midnight blue for some project destined to be her brother's Xmas gift.

God, I love that some of my kidlets have inherited the craft gene!