Sunday, November 1, 2009

What do you mean it's over?

Mo says: Halloween CANNOT be over!

Mo checks the window to see if there are any more trick-or-treaters:

An angry monster tells Mo to be quiet and go back to sleep:


A Novel Woman said...

I wish I lived close enough so that Buddy and your little darlings could have play dates together. At least he'd be with other doggies with no issues about wearing clothing.

Lottery Girl said...

Sparky did not like clothing until we got Mojo. Puppy Mojo went off to puppy school one evening per week, which made Sparky angry. Then one evening he returned twice as pleased with himself because he was wearing a sweater. Sparky became so enraged she tried to tear the sweater off of him! We took her to the store and bought her a sweater, and I swear she only wore it because Mojo liked his so much.

Now they both get that clothing provides warmth, and happily wear their hoodies in the winter.

And of course, we wish we lived closer so that we could take all the kids to the park to play while the moms chat. What fun!