Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Pair

I loved everything about making these socks:

I'd been admiring this yarn from the moment I first saw it at Morehouse Farms; so when I saw they were having a sale, I jumped like a ewe and bought some in Indian Summer. Morehouse Farms is located in the Hudson River Valley in New York, where they raise their own Merino Sheep. Merino sheep are said to produce the finest sheep wool around, quite soft and durable.

Most hand-knit socks are made on small needles (size 2), but I made these on a bigger needle, (size 4), which means they made up much quicker. You can see the cabling much better on the back sock in the photo below. These socks are thick, which means they're suitable for cold winter days, unless you are biker chick, who likes to wear them anytime with hot pink high heels:

I used a chocolate brown merino wool for the toes to mix things up:


Claire Gregory said...

OMG, they're gorgeous! I'm a hopeless crafting addict, but I've never attempted to knit socks. These make me feel like trying it out!

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Claire,

You should try them!

I know a certain GORGEOUS baby who would love for her mum to make a pair for her!

A Novel Woman said...

I'm going to have to send Youngest here to have a look. And my beloved niece is attending university in Boulder (and another older niece is living and working nearby.) She's trying to get used to all the snow, seeing as she came from mild New Joisey.(g)

I really must come visit.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear NW:

OH YES YES YES!!! DO come visit!