Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Bought Myself a Balloon

Daughter had a Halloween party on Saturday and as we were getting last minute items, I found Frank, right there in the grocery line. Our eyes met, and I knew I should restrain myself, but I couldn't. He was just so over the top, floating up there above all the gossip rags. Okay, so he's a rotten, two-faced guy, but I love him anyway--he's pure man. I know he's flirting with my daughter (that's her, hiding behind him). Plus, he follows me all over the kitchen while I'm cooking, like he's afraid I'm going to cheat on him. He's says that if I do, he'll go to pieces.


Rhonda said...

Oh Frank is your kind of guy! But I bet he doesn't do elf laughs.... but then nobody is perfect. Except Mo.

Lottery Girl said...


Thanks for stopping in girl! You're right, Mo is the perfect gentleman. (I'm just glad he didn't hump any ankles while you were here!)