Thursday, October 29, 2009

AMAZING Garland of Snow

The snow got so high on this ledge it could no longer support itself and curled over. Truly a mystery as to how it stays in place:

I thought about this all afternoon, especially since I finally got out of the house and saw this phenomenon all over town. WHAT is keeping these "garlands" of snow in place? WHY doesn't the snow tumble down? And then I remembered my high school physics. My theory is that the snow is stays in place because of surface tension of water, AND because this is a special, dry snow, AND because the temperature is just right. Any other theories?


Rhonda said...

Oh MY!!! I heard last night that Evergreen got hit with a whopper of a storm.

"Garlands of snow"....I love that....very descriptive and original.

No theories, unless each little snowflake's structure are tangled in such a way that it's holding...

I can't believe your porch either! My chair is covered...

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Rhonddalyn,

I think you are right on, that the snowflake's structure helps out. Still amazes me!

I'll clean off your chair as long as you promise to visit again soon!