Monday, July 14, 2008

Scottish Things; Part II: What's For Dinner?

You know you're in trouble when little dogs begin casting long, ponderous shadows and you've prepared no supper at all:    
On this evening, a beautiful midsummer's eve, I long to leave behind the mundane casserole and create something special, something that nourishes both stomach and soul.  Hmmm... I decide on something from the happy food group--homemade Oreo cookie ice cream:

That problem now solved, the only question remaining is: red or white wine? Oh, amber of course.  I'm going all out and having a dram of something extra-special.

And what makes this product of Scotland worthy?  According to William Black, " I hef been in Isla more as three times or two times myself, and I hef been close to the Lagavulin Distillery, and I know that it is the clear water of the spring that will make the Lagavulin whisky just as fine as new milk."  

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